We invest in your business productivity & Data

We enable business to sell / service more through productive CRM solutions and data management apps

BROSH ® / ZaapIT AS LTD / ZaapIT Software Technologies builds custom CRM Apps & tools since 2012. Our apps are being used by thousands of SMB & enterprises users worldwide, our customers build custom CRM apps and improve their data quality.
This software was made in the HOLY LAND by engineers from 3 religions


87 Weizmann, Kfar Saba, Israel

US Tel:          +1-386-868-3525
UK Tel:          +44-203-868-3411
IL Tel:           +972-9-765-0386
Sales:           sales@brosh.io
Support:       support@brosh.io
Hebrew website: brosh-crm.com

Authorized Resellers

Softchoice Corporation

Tel:               1-800-268-7638
Web Site:    www.softchoice.com

P.O. Box 57102, Postal Station A
Toronto, ON, M5W 5M5

16609 Collections Center Drive
Chicago, IL, 60693
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