Global Privacy Policy

For: BROSH's platform apps

Effective date: Jun 3, 2022

1. What “Personal Information” means


2. How we collect, use, and share your Personal Information and other information

a. Information you provide to us 


4. Public forums

5. Customer testimonials / comments / reviews

7. Hosting and data transfer 

8. Choice


9. Correcting and updating your information

Privacy Rights 

13. Changes to the Privacy Policy 

14. Business transactions

15. LINKEDIN and GMAIL Extension

When you use BROSH for LinkedIn and Gmail extension, BROSH may collect information, add new information, buttons, and actions, and may save Personal Information. Such stored information is kept inside your BROSH account, and you have full control over that data. Your BROSH user and potentially other users from your company who use BROSH may have access to that saved personal information.If needed, you can delete any personal information and disable that sync if you wish. The saved personal information is stored under your account, specifically under the following objects: contacts/accounts/activities.

16. Contact us 

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