Things you can do with BROSH

BROSH is cloud based multi-tool BUSINESS SUITE. It has been built using the latest technology and features to help you manage your sales pipeline, track leads, follow up with customers, and close more deals from inside the places you use the most. 


Sales Pipeline Management

Manage your sales pipeline with smart lists and kanbans, assign tasks to team members, and set reminders to keep things moving forward.

Lead Tracking

Track your leads through their lifecycle, including lead scoring, nurturing, and conversion tracking.

Marketing Automation

Send drip campaigns, do A/B testing, Auto lead/contact creation from messages. Send mass and automated emails using templates to your leads and contacts.View all mailbox in one place and from multiple domains. Sms support

Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of customer conversations, emails ,notes, support tickets, calls, and feedback

Invoicing, Quotes and ESign 

Send quotes, invoices, and contracts with ease! Ask customers to e-sign quotes and contracts!

Sell more

Easily scale your business and grow your business faster than ever before. Use our linkedin social media integration to send template-based messages and smart/bulk/automatic emails

CRM Apps

Every business use case deserves an optimized app; you can build such apps easily with BROSH's No-Code platform or use our vanilla apps: CRM / Sales, Service, Marketing, simplified finance (quotes, invoices, track payments, etc..)


Enhanced User Experience

Leverage BROSH's advanced features and options to create productive apps in minutes e.g. use our smart lists to mass inline edit/create/update records, add colors, groupings, totals, dashboards and much more (no-code customization)


Eliminate Duplicates

Clean wrong / duplicated data like never before, fix / merge your records and apply mass actions with ease


Improve Performance

Customize existing workflows and become up to 95.6% more productive with our no-code platform. Stop wasting your time on inadequate layouts / apps / servers / telephony. Upgrade your business's infrastructure and use our unified business solution at a very attractive starting point.

BROSH CRM / Sales app

With BROSH CRM you can send smart marketing emails, quotes / invoices / contracts, update/insert/delete data in bulk or automatically, collect leads (any data) and do much more


BROSH Service app  

With BROSH Service app you can manage support tickets, answer support tickets with BROSH's smart templates and supervise the entire operation with ease


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You can find more use-cases and videos on the guides page and on our youtube channel.

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All in One business suite

Quotes, Smart lists & more

Desktop / Mobile phone / Tablet

Smart sales pipline!

Smart Sales Pipline!

Enhanced Sales Productivity!

Desktop / Tablet

BROSH Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Desktop / Tablet

BROSH CRM Multi device

Running on any device

Desktop / Mobile phone / Tablet

Smart Gants

Project mgmt. and Gantts

Desktop / Tablet

eSignature with BROSH!

e-Signature for Docs

Desktop / Tablet

High Velocity Sales, On Steroids!

High Velocity Sales+

Desktop / Tablet

Calendar Anything / Smart scheduling!

Calendar Anything!

Smart scheduling for any CRM object!

Desktop / Tablet

BROSH CRM for LinkedIn

BROSH for LinkedIn

Desktop / Tablet

Sales pipeline built for speed

Built for speed

Sales pipeline / any grids - fully customizable for speed

BROSH CRM for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Templating

For LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

Desktop / Tablet

Smart Data Management

Smart Data Management

Mass and auto merge any data + related records

BROSH CRM Mobile Preview

Mobile Overview

Mobile Dashboards

BROSH CRM Mobile Preview

Mobile Lists / Reports

Smart Lists / Reports with actions and filters

BROSH CRM Mobile Preview

Mobile Campaigns / cases

Send bulk emails and manage Campaigns / cases

BROSH CRM Mobile Preview

Mobile Automation

Automate everything even through your mobile phone

BROSH CRM Mobile Preview

Mobile Dark mode

It even works in the dark!

BROSH CRM Tablet Dashboards

Tablet Overview

Tablet Dashboards

BROSH CRM Tablet Smart Lists / Reports with actions and filters

Tablet Lists / Reports

Smart Lists / Reports with actions and filters

BROSH CRM Tablet Send bulk emails and manage campaigns / case

Tablet Campaigns / cases

Send bulk emails and manage campaigns / cases

BROSH CRM Tablet Automate everything even through your mobile phone

Tablet Automation

Automate everything even through your mobile phone

BROSH CRM Tablet It even works in the dark

Tablet Dark Mode

It even works in the dark!


Our apps are being used by thousands of users / customers worldwide in 35+ countries



Our apps are being used in 35+ countries since 2012, BROSH is the latest addition to our portfolio of apps and services 



Thousands of SME / Enterprises customers uses our apps worldwide in multiple industries e.g. hi-tech, real estate, professional / educational services

Fast and effective support


Fast and effective support provided by US / Canadian / Israeli tech guys. Full tech service is also available.

Our Clients


See why sales leaders and system admins rave about BROSH


This software was made in the HOLY LAND by engineers from 3 religions; our momentum comes from listening to our customers.

Ben Ford


M.Sc Amir Sadeh

Chief Executive Officer

CPA Liat Sadeh


Chen Katz

Software Developer

Aviv Salem

Software Developer

Joshua Krokowski

Freelancer Admin

Ron / Aviran / Jeff

R&D / Support / Admin

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HQ: 87 Weizmann, Kfar Saba, Israel
30 Churchill Place, London, UK
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