How to improve your business through customer experience post inflation raise?

How to improve customer retention, what's the best way to reduce churn? and how to encourage customer recommendations during challenging times? 

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How to improve your business post covid?

The customers' time is becoming more valuable and shorter, they are flooded with annoying phone offers and are exposed to an amount of marketing messages, thousands a day. And in this reality, organizations must act in creative ways to recruit and nurture the relationship with the customer through an appropriate and high-quality customer experience. The world we live in is dynamic, perceptions of the past change, including strategies in the field of customer relations.

The customer at the center

The consumer has long since ceased to be a captive customer. He became the central axis around which everyone rushes and woos his door. And the greatest significance of the changes and transformations that lead to a perception where the organization should see the good of the consumer/customer and make everything easy and accessible for him.

So what actually changed?

The competition between companies for the heart of the consumer has escalated Today, the consumer has the ability to compare prices online and change engagements with a click. The ease of purchasing a product online has created a fundamental change in consumption habits As other media take hold (such as social media), and as the digital world becomes more transparent (websites that present opinions and testimonials), the consumer today enjoys accessibility and ease in gathering information, and as a result, his decision-making processes are also channeled into new channels. The consumer has also become accustomed to online purchases abroad thanks to the leading platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Ali-Express... which have become very simple to operate, user-friendly and economically viable (and the delivery is free...) The increased media costs which caused a significant increase in the cost of onboarding a customer

The effect of the new situation on companies and organizations

All of the above changes that work in favor of the customer have made the rules of the game challenging and require thinking and making creative moves. Yes, someone moved the cheese, and now, companies and organizations In any order of magnitude, you have to compete in a field where the rules are different than before How should companies deal with the new situation? Today, when prices and costs are similar and it is more difficult to create differentiation, it would be natural to think that the competition is only on price. There will be those who will hang their jewels on the excellent service they provide to their customers, but... it turns out that these two - a competitive price and excellent service - are not enough to prevent the fluctuation of customers.

Be creative, enhance the customer experience

 The human factor was and remains a central factor in the customer's decision-making processes. The human factor plays on both side, once the customer as a human being driven by emotions, senses, associations, worldviews, desires and dislikes, and second time the service provider that the more he shows a personal attitude, an understanding of his customer's needs and a humane approach, the better off he will be. 

• You have to remember, the customer doesn't get up every morning and ask himself what I'm buying today. In most cases the consumer also does not remember where he left his details, and what is the difference between the competitors 

• Know how to learn the customer's needs and provide him with personal service 

• Learn to make available a product/service that meets a real need 

• Create a service-oriented organizational system 

• Effectively measure the customer experience

 • Make sure that the employees provide the customer with a quality service experience. 

Companies who do the above make customers stay for a long time and at the same time prevent customer abandonment aka churn.

How do you create real value for the customer through customer experience?

Today, everyone is talking about customer experience. This means the ability of an organization to make available to the customer: knowledge, true value, suggestions, support and response to problems and needs that arise dynamically over time and to have interactions at various meeting points: prior to the sale, during the sales process, and after the sale through service / support, preserving and upgrading the value to the customer. 

The following are the metrics that you should measure in order to to verify that you have created a great customer experience for your customers: 

- Increasing the level of existing customer satisfaction
- Decreasing the percentage of abandoning customers
- Increasing the level of loyalty of an existing customer
- And of course, increasing sales from existing customers

Forming a customer experience process steps is the product of research and analysis that starts with the mapping of your ideal consumer behavior.

The actual steps that you should take to implement a great customer experience (ideas)

Research and analysis:

• Construction of tree diagrams and subtrees for all types of customers, types of situations and statuses (consumer behavior)
• Construction of a response chart according to the survey results
• Analysis the results and generate recommendations after you improve something in order to future improve it
• Generate a customer experience plan and improve it over time
• Understand and get to know the customer in new layers and new resolutions

Improving Ideas:  

• Creating automated responses (customer journey) technologically in different channels SMS, WHATSUP, Email marketing-
• Meeting / marketing /supporting the prospect / customer in Social media
• live chat - on the website
• building custom mobile apps
• Doing phone calls
• Establishing an online infrastructure and methodology for expanding the circle of customers
• Building internal organizational processes between the various departments in accordance with the customer experience plan
• Implementation of the process in front of all the employees of the relevant units of the company, through training courses, workshops, support accompaniment and a digital guide
• Sharing/additional offers/deals with existing customers

Ask big questions and get to know your real customer in a whole new way

what the customer wants? Make it simple, efficient, available and preferably fun for the customer to get to know him,  anticipate his needs,  give the customer what I need (and only what he need) - anywhere anytime and in anyplace

Get to know your customer: Collect data from various sources (CRM, SOCIAL, Web & Mobile Analytic), get an answer for each customer: Who am I? What do I need? What method is convenient for me? What did I ask? Why did I turn to support?...

Anticipate the customer's needs:  Planning and identifying routes. Which track am I on? At what stage? Where should I be directed?
What do people like me do? What else can you offer me (via the support center)?

Personalization: What options will I get in each channel including the support center? What should you show the customer in every touchpoint the support center. Do you offer the customer irrelevant things? Customize the message to your customer based on his current stage in the journey. Data-based message planning. Customization of Mobile and Web + automation of messages in all channels in accordance with the current stage based on the customer's journey.

 Meet the customer anywhere: Develop and improve the company's  and communication channels. Expand existing channels e.g.  Facebook, Website, IVR, support center, SMS. Establish additional access points such as CHAT and BOTs. Connect every the touch point to form journeys & MARKETING AUTOMATION

Keep it simple, effective and fun: Improve user interfaces,  add online marketing technique to encourage involvement in a product or service. Integrated with existing environments - Messenger, Mail, WhatsApp.


Consumer behavior analysis and improved customer experience allow companies or organizations to come up with creative ways to approach new channels that will help them win the customer's heart, speak to his senses or logic and strengthen the relationship with the your organization from a place of desire and added value provided to the end customer.

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