How to manage, train and compensate salespeople the smart way?

How to motivate and train salespeople to close more deals?

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Before you start training your sales reps, build a good plan with your sales managers, set the main guidelines for them to be used during a sales pitch.  Train your salespeople according to a plan with an emphasis on success and rewards.

Training Highlights

The following list consist of the main points that you should address in your training plan:

• Mental perceptions in selling
• Soft skills
• Using elements in a sales conversation, a language that promotes NLP messages and GAP selling techniques
• Creating chemistry with a client
• Locating communication styles and adapting messages
• Reinforcements in the impact model
• Value over price
• Benefits, advantages and values for the customer
• Reinforcements in handling objections
• Follow up process
• Customer care after making a sale
• Simulations and role playing

Practical training for your sales people, wet training

In the technological era, the field of training and skill development has made a significant leap in recent years.
Every organization has the responsibility and the will to maximize the productivity of his salespeople and to promote a goal-oriented training program.
The sales representative's practical training program must include a variety of wet training... 
Practice / wet training
• Listening to conversations
• Joining meetings
• Participation in an undercover client
• Survey of competitors
• Simulations (cold and hot)
• Talk to past customers
• Talk to existing customers
• Talk to customers who have left/abandoned
• Get to know existing customers
• And no less important... a written knowledge test

Compensate sales people according to conversion

One of the biggest misses in salesperson compensation models is the lack of consideration of the raw material.
Most salespeople neglect and underestimate their raw material - leads, referrals 
records and thereby actually contribute to the increase in the company's marketing and advertising expenses.

Start measuring and rewarding your representatives / sales people for their conversion percentage and you will suddenly find that they are less likely to give up, 
Closer and fuller deals! 
The reward parameter that is good for marketing..
• In any organization where a general conversion (closing) percentage reward parameter is added:
• The amount of sales increases
• The salary of the sales team is increasing
• The cost of marketing acquisition is small
• Small customer recruitment cost
• Very profitable for the organization in terms of cost benefit
• Maximum management of the raw materials (leads, references)
• Increased satisfaction among all parties

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